What are your services?

We offer consolidation service, purchasing service, and “pasabuy”.

What is consolidation service?

With our consolidation service, you can purchase from any Korean websites and send the items to our warehouse. We will receive the item for you and keep it safely at our warehouse. When you are ready, we will pack everything in your box and ship it to your address with your choice of delivery – air (faster but more expensive) or sea (slower but cheaper).

What is purchasing service?

There are some Korean websites where overseas residents cannot purchase for one reason or another. We can do the purchasing for you instead. We don’t charge extra for online purchases for consolidation service customers. If the item is to be sent to a local Korean address, we charge a minimal amount.

What is “pasabuy”?

This service is for those who would like to order one or two items in Korea and does not want a full consolidation. In effect, the customer is sharing a box with other customers.