Skin Food Price List

For those who are asking about the price of Skin Food in Korea, here are the prices as of June 30, 2015. The prices and availability of the products are subject to change without prior notice. The product name and price is sourced from Skin Food’s official website.

Skin Food – Skin care

Download (PDF, 113KB)

Skin Food – Mask Pack/Mask Sheets

Download (PDF, 70KB)

Skin Food – Base Make-up

Download (PDF, 71KB)

Skin Food – Color Make-up

Download (PDF, 134KB)

Skin Food – Nail products

Download (PDF, 91KB)

Skin Food – Body & Hair

Download (PDF, 82KB)

Skin Food – Men

Download (PDF, 55KB)

If you want to get original Skin Food product from Korea, I could get them for you. Please refer to the price list above.


Korean Shopping Service

Hi everyone! My name is Ana Park and I’m the blogger from Buhay Korea. I’ve owned and operated KPOPMALL since 2010 when I registered the business officially. I’ve been doing “Korean Shopping Service” since 2007, when a blog reader from Singapore contacted me to help her get cosmetics from Korea and send them to her country.

I’m running this business personally ~ and I try to answer every query. I can shop for every Korean product legally allowed to send anywhere in the world. As long as the post office allows it, then I could get the item and send to its destination.

What are the things that I could shop for you?
~ Cosmetics, Korean or imported brands
~ Household goodies
~ Clothing, from stores like Forever 21 and other Korean shops
~ Things available from discount shops like Ticketmonster, Coupang, WeMakePrice
~ Books ~ from Korean language books, cooking books and even magazines
~ Kpop CDs and DVDs

Send an order form or send me an email: 1kpopmall AT gmail DOT com

You can also contact me through Viber at +821022913428

Please be patient in waiting for my reply 😀


Ana Park

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